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Bowflex Max Trainer M5 (Now M6) - Get Fit, Trim And Lean In 14 Minutes

Most of us aren't really all that excited about joining a gym or spending hours in the gym on a weekly basis in order to get in shape. In fact, studies show that people who work out at home tend to stick with their programs longer and reach their fitness goals.

The Max M5 is a home resistance trainer that makes working out easy, fun, and extremely effective, no matter what your fitness or weight loss goals are.

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What Is the Bowflex Max Trainer M5?

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 appears to look something like an elliptical, though it has more to offer than any simple elliptical trainer. In fact, it is as much like a stationary bike as it is a stair stepper, yet it also enables your mid-section and upper body to get a workout at the same time.

In other words, this is a full-body cardio machine that uses some of the latest technology to increase heart rate, build strength and stamina, and burn calories.

What Features Does This Product Have?

It can be a lot of fun to see yourself progressing as you work out over time and so the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 has a feature-packed console that will keep you occupied while you are getting in shape.

It has 16 resistance levels and that means you will always be challenged. There are also heart rate grips that can tell you your heart rate in a matter of seconds – and also eliminates the need for wearing a heart rate strap around your chest.

The Max Trainer M5 is also Bluetooth-compatible which makes it really easy to monitor the number of calories burned. You can also take advantage of built-in programs, sync your personal data to your smart phone, and make use of the Bowflex mobile app.

What Do the Bowflex Max M5 Reviews Say?

When you read some of the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 reviews, one thing that you might notice is that this piece of fitness equipment is used by many different types of people. Some are hardcore fitness fanatics, while others have been sedentary for a long time and are just getting back into workout again. It is also very popular among those who are trying to lose weight or tone their muscles.

“I hate going to the gym so having a machine like this in my home is a huge plus. I can work out whenever I want and reap the benefits.
- Donny, GA (testimony from company website)

“This is a lot more effective than a simple elliptical and I actually enjoy working out again. Our whole family uses it and we are definitely getting in better shape.”
- Jason, WA (testimony from company website)

The reputation that Bowflex has in terms of quality is unparalleled in the home fitness industry. When you set up your Bowflex M5, it will feel like the same quality that you would get on any piece of equipment in your local gym.

“A lot of home workout equipment isn’t made to last, but you can tell that the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is the real deal. It is solid and feels like actual gym quality equipment.”
- Caroline, NV (testimony from company website)

Is This the Best Trainer for Everyone?

It is always a good idea to make sure that you are healthy enough to work out before you go and buy any kind of fitness equipment, but the people who have made the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 provide a lot of healthy advice with your purchase. You can also call or email them if you have questions about how to get the most out of this trainer safely.

Where Can You Get the Best Price?

If you were to buy this cardio machine in a store, you would end up paying full price, which now runs at about $1,600. But, when you buy this directly from the manufacturer, you can save about $200 off the normal price and also get free shipping and financing.

If you pay in full within 18 months, there is no interest at all – and that is a deal that you just won’t get from your local sporting goods store.

Is this Trainer Right for You?

This is really a unique piece of equipment that will meet the needs of those who enjoy a bike or elliptical, as well as those who want a different type of workout. With its promise of helping you to get in shape in just 14 minutes per day, it seems like a very viable way to increase your fitness, lose weight, or train for your next event. With free financing and shipping, the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is a great deal for any household.

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