Thursday, November 22, 2018

Bowflex LateralX LX3 - Get Fit In 16 Minutes

Most of us who are trying to feel better, lose weight, or get in better shape have tried a variety of methods to do so. Whether you have joined a gym, bought fitness equipment, or just decided to get on a bike or go out for a run, you know how hard it is to meet your goals and maintain your fitness levels.

The Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3 may be the one piece of exercise equipment that you haven’t looked at yet – and it really offers more than a treadmill, an elliptical, or a stair climber ever could. Even if you have tried other Bowflex devices in the past, this one has something that others don’t – lateral motion to activate more muscles and burn more calories.

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What Is the Bowflex LateralX LX3 Trainer?

When you first look at the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3, you might think that it is simply an elliptical or stair climber device, but it’s not. Not only will you be engaging your upper body and core muscles, but the unique lateral motion that it provides means that it is ideal for those who want to increase their athletic ability, stamina, and strength in other activities.

A treadmill enables you move forward, though you may also be able to increase incline. An elliptical machine is ideal for your calves and quadriceps muscles, but does little for your upper body or core. The Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3 has you moving back and forth, side to side, and up and down – something you just won’t find in other home fitness equipment.

How Does It Work?

When you climb on the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3, the first thing you might notice is the large, comfortable, and slip-resistant pedals. These make it easy and safe for people of all sizes to use, without worry that your feet might slip off during high-intensity workouts.

You may choose to workout in a fixed lateral range, though many people buy this product specifically because of the lateral motion that it provides. While pedaling up and down, forward and back, you will also find yourself going side to side. This lateral motion works your inner and outer thighs in a way that most exercises simply don’t.

Your upper body engages when you grip either of the two sets of hand grips. The movable grips enable you to work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and trapezoids while also increasing the rate at which you step. If you want less motion, you can opt for the fixed hand grips that also have built-in heart rate sensors. The eight levels of resistance also ensure that you will always have a challenge, even as you progress in fitness over time.

MAX Trainer vs LateralX Trainer

The MAX Trainer is another popular home gym from Bowflex that has a track record of providing phenomenal fat burning capacities due to its afterburn effect.

This video will provide you with a good comparison between both home gyms.

What Technology Does This Have Onboard?

If you haven’t been in the market for a high end piece of fitness technology in a few years, you might be surprised by the technology that is available. The Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3 comes with 30 full-length workout videos that work in conjunction with the Bowflex app. These are great for motivation, but they can also help you to measure your progress over time.

In front of you, you will find a 7.5” backlit LCD display that will show you your speed, calories expended, time and distance, and more. The device is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and actually syncs up to Bowflex Radio which will keep you going at top-speed even when you’re sweating buckets!

So, there are plenty of audio and video options available for you while you work out – listen to your own music, watch a movie, follow a Bowflex workout video, or simply catch up on your reading by using the included media shelf that’s onboard.

Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3 Specifications

The Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3 has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds and comes with a one year warranty on frame, one year on parts, one year on electronics, and 90 days on labor. It is powered by in included AC adapter and weighs 224 pounds when assembled. The overall dimension is 53.5” L x 46.3” W x 63.7” H.

Where Can You Get the Best Deal?

As with all of the Bowflex products, you will find the best price online, directly rom the official Bowflex site. One of the primary benefits of buying directly from them include the fact that you can take advantage of special financing deals. Currently, there is an 18 month interest free offer which can make this kind of purchase a lot easier for most buyers. You can apply online for the financing and get results in seconds, enabling you to place your order right away.

In addition to a great financing offer, Bowflex also offers in-home assembly for a pretty reasonable fee. If you have never tried to put something like this together, you will find that in-home assembly by a professional is a much better option.

Also, Bowflex offers a standard warranty which includes one year on parts and 90 days on labor. However, if you are looking for even more protection, you can choose a three year protection plan which includes three years on parts, three years on labor – or a five year plan. Both of these protection plans are great if you plan on really putting this fantastic piece of equipment to good use over the next few years.

Is the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3 Right for You?

To be clear, the workout you get on this piece of equipment is not going to be easy. You are going to have to really work hard to burn those calories, but the good news is that you will burn them faster than virtually any other type of exercise.

It should also be said that this isn’t exactly the smallest piece of exercise equipment you will own, though it is certainly smaller in footprint than your average treadmill or elliptical. That being said, if your goal is to really get in the best shape of your life, lose body fat, increase muscle mass, and simply feel better, then the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX3 is the right choice.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Bowflex LateralX LX5 Reviews | Lateral Elliptical Trainer

Most of us have been on a treadmill or elliptical machine at the gym that simply didn’t feel very sturdy. Getting on an old piece of equipment or one that was on its last legs can take a lot of the fun out of working out. One thing that you will notice from the moment you climb aboard the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 is that this is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that will rival any professional-grade equipment you might find in the finest gym.

The Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 at first glance appears to be an elliptical, but it does a lot more. It’s really a cross-training device, one that works your upper body, your lower body, your core, your aerobic system, and helps get you ready for just about any athletic pursuit.

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What Is the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5?

The real question should be: “What makes this so different from other fitness machines?” Well, what really sets it apart is its lateral motion. Most elliptical machines enable you to go up and down, back and forth, in a running or climbing motion. But, the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 adds a lateral motion (think “side to side”).

What this really means to you is that you will start feeling muscle activation in your outer thighs, your inner thighs, and laterally across your calves and quads. Especially if you play sports such as basketball, soccer, or tennis, having this additional lateral movement in your workout can pay big dividends.

Of course, if you prefer a more traditional elliptical motion, you can choose the fixed lateral range. Eliminating the lateral motion can be helpful if you are trying to pedal at a much higher rate or if you want to focus more on full-body and upper-body fitness.

What Can the LateralX Trainer LX5 Do for You?

Chances are that you have never tried anything quite like the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5. As far as upper body workouts go, this machine offers a couple of options. There are two sets of handles – one set is fixed and the other moves as you pedal. Some people choose to mix it up, while others have a preference for one set of the handles – it’s completely up to you and your goals.

The fixed handles have onboard heart rate sensors that you can grab onto at any time to get a more precise view of just how hard you’re really working. The moving handles can be gripped in a variety of different ways, enabling you to work more on your biceps or triceps, or focus on chest or back muscle development.

Another unique feature of the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 is the high-quality, oversized pedals. These pedals are designed to keep you safe while also providing a lot of comfort that you wouldn’t find in lower priced ellipticals. They are large enough for people with big feet and even bigger shoes, yet smaller folks will not feel their feet sliding around in them. They come with built-in grips and a safety band over the toes to ensure your feet don’t slide forward when you are going at top speed.

What Technology Does This Offer?

When you’re working out, having a little technology to play with is a good thing. The Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 to sync with your phone or other mobile device. You can stream your favorite music through the speakers, upload workouts, download workout data, or just use the built-in media shelf to read an old-fashioned book!

The 30 full-length workouts that come with this device are accessible via the Bowflex app, allowing you to take advantage of some of the best instructor-led workouts around. It doesn’t really matter if you are trying to increase aerobic capacity, strength, or just burn calories – there is a workout that is just right for you.

Onboard, there are ten workout programs and ten levels of resistance available to you, with real-time heart rate data available to be displayed on the 7.5” backlit LCD screen. Alternatively, you can simply climb on and get started in manual mode, working at your own pace.

Where Can You Get a Bowflex LateralX LX5?

By far, the best place to buy a Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 is directly from Bowflex. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, they offer a great financing deal, including the current 18 months no interest offer. Because the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 does cost more than your average treadmill or elliptical, taking advantage of that financing offer can really help you out.

There are also other discounts available directly from Bowflex on a seasonal basis. Currently, you can save up to $474 with an online coupon code – something that you wouldn’t get from any other retailer.

Another advantage to buying this directly from Bowflex is that you can take advantage of their very handy in-home assembly offer. I’ve tried putting one of these together on my own before, and although I was successful in the end, it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped it would be. The Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 is a heavy piece of equipment and having a professional doing the assembly is easier, quicker, and ensures a more successful assembly.

Whether you choose professional in-home assembly or you do it yourself, you can still purchase an optional Bowflex protection plan. There are a number of plans that serve to extend the regular parts and labor warranty. Both the three-year and five-year warranties are a good deal and worth considering.

Is This Right for You?

The Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 clearly requires a bit of an investment since it is a high-quality, professional grade device, but having access to 18 months interest-free financing can certainly help. That being said, the lateral motion this device offers makes it a very unique piece of exercise equipment. For those who are trying to lose weight, become stronger more athletic, or just want a quick way to get a high-powered, efficient workout, the Bowflex LateralX Trainer LX5 is hard to beat.

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