Friday, June 19, 2015

The Truth About Ab Workouts

The commercial and media are full of sexy flat abs and they are not just for men anymore. Women have gotten to that cut six-pack abs level too. The media is also full of many different exercises and products that promise flat abs in a very short time.

Others advertise that a diet or a certain food will give you those flat abs, whether you are male or female. But with all the hype and promises, most wonder what the real truth about abs is, and how to get your own tight abs without too much pain and effort. 

What Kind Of Ab Workouts Are Effective?

It seems that the one common point that most agree on it that core strength is at the base of an effective ab workout. Core strengthening exercises are the goal in just about every exercise, whether a calm yoga routine to a vigorous boot camp workout. 

Core strength is of course just what it sounds like, strengthening the core muscles of your body. Having good core strength is critical from youth all the way to the elderly. Developing core strength, in the elderly, is one of the best preventive measures for injuries and death from falls. 

But again, finding the best way to tighten them up is one of the biggest questions. Some say to do exercise that is fun is usually the best exercise, you will find time to do something you enjoy, instead of dreading the workout.

Can You Do Ab Exercises Wrong?

Yes, and often is sit-ups. There are many other, and possibly more effective ab exercises than the annoying sit-ups. The key to an effective ab workout is to control your abdominal muscles and abdominal walls. If using momentum instead of muscles to sit up, you are gaining no ground in a flatter belly. 

Other mistakes are holding your breath or not breathing correctly. If you aren’t breathing right, you are actually pushing your stomach out from behind your abdominal wall during the crunch, which is not what you want to do. The suggestion is to exhale as you do the crunch or sit up and you will feel your abs tightening.

Do They Work For Everyone?

No, and the research has shown that if you are not eating the right foods, endless ab exercises a day will have no effect. Well, it may have some effect, but if you are consuming too many calories or foods high in refined or processed carb, or high levels of sugar and alcohol, your six-pack may be hiding under unwanted belly fat. 

We have all heard it before, lean meats and protein, no starchy vegetables or fruits. Follow this and you will have a jump start on great abs without one crunch. Other things too can cause a good workout routine to bring little to no results. 

Stress is a big factor that causes the body to become overweight and show little effect for your exercise efforts.

Should Men And Women Work Abs Out Differently?

Functional movement, that uses the whole body, is the best for all. Abs are something that can be exercised at home, on vacation or even at work. There are a few standing moves with light weights that can strengthen the core and abs.

But according to surveys, the big difference between women and men’s workouts is a bit of gender intimidation. Both sexes are capable of doing the same workouts, but the perception toward each is somewhat bias still. 

You won’t find many men lined up to get into the yoga class, and women admit feeling intimidated by using the weight rooms.

Does Diet Alone Produce Flat Abs?

No, but it may help a lot. If your diet is full of sugar and processed foods, you will have a much harder time trying to find that tight flat stomach. Other things like not getting enough sleep, being stressed out, doing the wrong kind of exercise or even breathing incorrectly can stall your ab workout in its tracks. 

You may be doing the wrong moves or may just need to kick it up a notch. Our bodies can get used to the same boring routine and the only way to see some great results is to try something new.

Where Is The Best Place To Work The Abs?

Fortunately, ab workouts can be done at home just as well as in the gym. At home, a stability ball can be a great source for many types of ab exercises. Medicine balls can be another exercise helper and will be done in a few minutes.

The best place for you to workout could be with a friend or partner. Motivating each other is always a great way to stay in shape. Either at home or at the gym. Motivation is the number one thing that keeps us going and keeps us exercising. 

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